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If you are thinking about leveraging a chatbot within your company’s network, think no more. Now is the perfect time to make it happen. Now is the perfect time to implement a chatbot within a business.

Real-life employees and call center agents require high overhead costs. This is because they require support teams of employees working around the clock as well as call center capital, where these human agents take customers call from.

Chatbots offer an alternative option and a way for customers to reach a company and be heard at any time of the day or from any time zone in the world. Bots are anywhere from 20 to 40 times less expensive to utilize. They are available at a moment’s notice, 24hrs/day and 365 days/year.

They are able to do this without having to contend language barriers or physical space restrictions that real employees require.

Chatbots bring potential for automation of simple and repetitive questions that customers or business partners may have. A lot of questions businesses receive are asked in various ways, but the chatbot can answer them quickly and effectively.


Ease of Use & Accessibility

For many years consumers were not comfortable even asking questions online, but now messaging apps are reaching billions of users worldwide and chatbots can alleviate the process of answering their basic questions.

Users of messaging apps will already be familiar with communication with machine learning algorithms, such as SIRI or Cortana, so chatbot represents the next logical step. The chatbot can work with users in an efficient manner who are already on the Web active in various social medias.

The average person spends 90% of their time on only five apps and most include messaging as a capability. Facebook Messenger, in particular, represents a great way to implement a chatbot. It is the most active app right now and has 1.2 billion people connected.


Big Data Analytics & Machine Learning Algorithms

Big data and automation are today making chatbots possible that were only pipe dreams a few decades ago. These chatbots can be leveraged for firms smart enough to implement them. They are tools that can make life easier for management and companies’ networks.

Chatbots fetch data in real time, so unlike a human call agent, they can answer questions based on having access to a constant flow analytics and big data. They can also scour the Web for information.

This may include sending websites, graph data, infographics or other visual cues for customers that may be more visual types of learners. Or, the chatbot can simply showcase the company’s internal solutions and direct the user to other services within the company’s network.

The AI aspect of chatbots is truly advancing at a steady rate, and chatbots can analyze questions for the best answers possible. The chatbots of today can learn from interacting with customers and integrate that knowledge to further improve the way they answer queries. They can also offer suggestions to customers, based on feedback and experience.


Chatbots Can Reduce Your Call Center Costs Drastically 

These are just the efficiency aspects of chatbots and some of the reasons they make sense for companies to utilize in today’s hyper tech-boom environment. However, another reason that today is a great time to integrate their use is that chatbots save overhead costs or money.

To get an idea of call center pricing for human agents companies can utilize through outsourcing, take a look at this analysis from WorldWideCallCenters.

Even for a dedicated plan, as outlined above, a company will be paying up to $28 per hour. And this plan also means that the agents work exclusively for one client. The shared plan has agents answer calls for 12-36 clients, but the client or person calling also has to pay part of the fee or phone call he or she makes. Finally, monthly fees are the same as dedicated, but the rate of up to $28/hr is combined into a monthly transaction for businesses to pay at the end of their term of use of these call agents.

As you can see, there are various options available for human agents, but all rely on high costs —some even for the customers or end users relying on this service. A chatbot can save a company a lot of time and money.

Now is a great time to start using chatbots as part of a business plan. They are efficient, cheap and can be utilized in various ways, such as messaging apps.

Written By Mike Lata

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