360dialog Team


We are managing the crm campaigns for a popular hotel rating and booking portal with an extensive hotel database and a growing community of holiday seekers and travel enthusiasts, who exchange opinions, share experiences and useful tips through the platform´s lively forum.

Their mission is to provide a quick, easy and inspiring way to travelers to find the best holidays for themselves and book them immediately. From the first search to the final booking an one-stop uninterrupted service through a well functioning platform.


While investing time and effort in acquiring new users is important for the success of an app, closing the gap between user acquisition and activation is the key for a stable ROI.

Here is the strategy we implemented for our customer to help him activate his newly acquired users: during a specific time period and at different times of a day we sent out smart and short-copied push notifications to motivate the new users who have downloaded the app but have not proceed in any further action.

Moreover, in order to confirm the success of our marketing strategy we excluded from the messaging campaign a small group of devices, what we call as the “Global Control Group”.


The results were impressive: users who received push notifications were 22,31% more likely to become active (use the functionalities of the app ) than those who were excluded from the campaign.

Thus, it is obvious that push notifications when leveraged in a carefully designed campaign can be the marketer`s secret weapon for user´s activation and increased ROI.