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With more than 70 million users worldwide LOVOO is the fastest growing social network for meeting new people in a fun and easy way. The #1 Dating App in German speaking countries (Germany, Switzerland and Austria) in terms of app store downloads and among the Top 3 in Southern Europe (Italy, Spain and France).

LOVOO operates on a freemium basis: that means most basic features of the app are free of charge. Only if a user wishes to upgrade his services or become a premium member he will have to pay. The app also offers many ways for its users to earn credits — the in-app currency — by way of its loyalty programme: for example, for every time a user logs in, he earns credits that can then be used to unlock additional features.

LOVOO´s operating platforms are iOS, Android and Web and its most frequent communication channel is push notifications.


Smartphone users are spending more time in apps than in years past, and now access an average of 9 apps on a daily basis receiving much more notifications in a day than before. Thus, it has become harder for marketers to engage with their audience and make their offers stand out leading to the desirable app monetization.

That is the case for LOVOO as well, since Interaction Push Notifications are core part of its product.


LOVOO and 360dialog tested Rich Push Notifications, i.e text notifications empowered with rich media content, leveraged in a carefully designed CRM campaign launched on October 31, 2017 on the occasion of Halloween.

Previous abandon cart campaigns pushed with text notifications didn´t capture the majority of users´ attention and incentivise them to complete the purchase, the rich push campaign,on the contrary, sent out to a smart segmented audience at their preferred language and at the most appropriate time, achieved impressive results.


LOVOO´s rich push campaign accomplished:

  • 33% higher response rate
  • 19.63% higher conversion rate
  • 52% higher conversion rate compared to simple push

This is how Rich Push looks on the phone. Simple yet appealing to stand out in a sea of indistinguishable alerts and help you capture your users´ attention.


The Rich Push Campaign Results leave no room for doubts: Rich Push Notifications are way more effective in terms of response and conversion rates compared to simple text notifications especially when leveraged in a carefully designed CRM campaign.

360dialog´s cutting-edge mobile marketing automation platform helped making the most out of this powerful marketing tool sending high personalized and relevant rich push notifications to the right audience at the right time.

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