360dialog Team

As we discussed before, push messages have a much bigger impact on users than boost the open rate. If used correctly, they can not only succeed in getting the users to open the app after having being inactive for some time, but they also bring the customers successfully back into the right mood of rediscovering the app and falling in love again with the products.

As usual, the basis for this post is our wealth of data. And they can still surprise us and push us to try new solutions or tweaks that help app brands and users strengthen their relationship.

For one of our clients active in the news sector and with a subscription model in place we implemented push messages, which we sent aiming to inform users about a particular subscription option.

When we looked at the data we saw that users became interested not only in the subscription we suggested, but in other options as well: users who received a push message were twice more likely to make a purchase, in this case to go for a paid subscription, than those in the control group who received no message.

In other words users went along with the push message, re-engaged with the app looking at the subscription we suggested and from there they went on to find the best subscription model that fitted their needs.

We call this a sweet result, and it shows again that sending the right message at the right time triggers a response from users which can go even beyond the expected results.