360dialog Team

With a month to go before Christmas, it is only appropriate to start looking at which role the smartphones will play in the hunt for the best present and how online retailers can offer their users a truly tailored experience.

The team of Bronto has put together another great report and there is some truly useful information inside it. Let us take a look:

1) Women and older adults start their shopping early

One in four female shoppers report starting the holiday shopping before September or earlier, and nearly a quarter of older shoppers (65+) start shopping then as well. Men and millennials tend to start shopping later: 22% of 18-29 year olds get started on Black Friday, while 19% of men start their shopping in November before Thanksgiving and 18% wait until after Cyber Monday. This information can help online retailers segment users and target the different groups according to their readiness to buy. A well timed push message or an e-mail can in this scenario go a long way. 

2) Coupons and promotions are effective

It likely comes as no surprise that retailers plan to use percent discount promotions, and consumers love them. Seventy-one percent of consumers say it makes them want to buy, and 72% of retailers say they’ll use them. Another useful bit of information for online retailers to make sure to step up their promos game before Christmas. Rewarding the most loyal customers can be done easily thanks to targeted e-mails or in-app promotions.

4) Flash sales are a go for young buyers

For online retailers looking to reach the younger holiday shopper, a flash sale is a great way to go. More than half (54%) of all Millennial shoppers love them. But interest in these limited-time offers declines with age as only 39% of shoppers ages 30-39 and 16% of shoppers ages 50-64 want to see these sales. Another great tip for segmenting users and sending them relevant offers.

And then here for a surprising bit of information: shoppers expect to scout for offers on their smartphones more than retailers think!

According to Bronto 51% of shoppers use phones to find a lower price elsewhere but only 41% of marketers think they do. That disconnect could be costing sales during the busiest time of the year, writes Bronto. Since a study of Adobe showed that the Germans plan to spend some 24$ Billions e-shopping during the Christmas season, online shops might want to make every effort to set up a comprehensive and well executed mobile marketing strategy that takes into account all the data presented above in order to meet their users exactly when they are ready to buy with just the right offer.