Gerrit Rode

Today we would like to introduce you to a new versatile channel on the 360 platform which provides plenty of flexibility in displaying custom and personalized native in-app messages. The channel is called „Data Push“ and enables you to send JSON packages to your mobile app. You can use the data to render and display custom screens and layers to your app users, or customize your user’s experience.

The major difference to typical in-app messages is that our data push enables you to provide your users with a fully native user experience in your app. Layers look like and will be perceived as native content of your app as these layers are fully embedded in your native content. Your app developer has full control over how to use the data, display it, or use it in your current user flow.

Data Push For A/B Testing

You can also send JSON packages to your app to run content A/B Testing campaigns to certain segments. Which brings me to the most exciting aspect of our data push: it has the full power of our marketing automation features behind it. You can define granular targeting (logical AND/OR rules) for defining who should be part of the campaign, run split-testing on different JSON packages and define trigger events that enable you to instantly display native in-app messages/content.

One of our customers is handling personalized in-app currency offers based on different targeting criteria and trigger-points, using Data Push to inform the app about the best offer to make to the individual customer at the best time. This native and personalized experience leads to much better conversion rates and gives our customer far more flexibility in displaying natively perceived content in a personalized fashion, seamlessly integrated in the user experience.

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If you are interested in learning more about our data push and possible use cases, get in touch with our experts.