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Don’t you think your CRM team should be able to assess the performance of your campaigns, in aggregate? We think so. To do so, all you’d need to do would be to exclude a small group of devices from all of your campaigns. The devices would never be targeted, by default. These devices would be neutral. These devices would act as a control group. A global control group.

Why a Global Control Group & why at the app level

You run many mobile marketing campaigns. Across different audience groups. And at different times during the year. Your campaigns fit nicely within the AARRR life cycle funnel, that’s all nice and fine.

Now, take a step back and ask yourself this question: as a whole, are all of your campaigns having an impact on the overall performance of your app. You’d hope so, but do you know for sure? They might be having an impact, but are they having the impact you were expecting? Here again, let’s hope so.

The only way to know for sure is not to look at individual campaigns. The only way to know for sure it to set up and work with a global control group.

Your team need not set up anything special for each new campaign, your global control group is defined and functions at the app level.

What it is a Global Control Group

A Global Control Group is a select group of devices from the entire pool of devices available for targeting. These devices are selected at random to ensure this sample is a statistical representation of the entire pool of devices. This group of devices will always be excluded from any campaign you’ll set up. Basically, the global control group allows you to run a giant A/B test campaign across all campaigns for that given app. One group is your neutral, global control group that will never receive any communication whatsoever generated by your campaigns. The other group is a collection of all remaining devices, non-neutral devices which are subject to messaging campaigns.

Now, don’t get the Global Control Group and classic A/B testing mixed up. Classic A/B testing is applied to campaigns and is meant to measure the performance of your messaging, targeting, specific tactics and settings of your campaigns. Importantly, A/B testing is most often used to test different pieces communication against one another, much less often to test a piece of communication against no communication at all. The Global Control Group, on the other hand, measures the performance of all of your campaigns in aggregate.

Confirm your marketing strategy on mobile is performing: start using global control groups.

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How the Global Control Group works

When you activate the Global Control Group feature, a set of devices will randomly be assigned to your Global Control Group. Here you can define the size of your global control group, in proportion to the total number of devices you have in your mobile CRM. By defining the right size, you will establish statistical relevance.

Note that your Global Control Group will not interfere with any other ongoing A/B tests.

Measurable benefits of the Global Control Group

The benefits of the Global Control Group are twofold.

First, evaluate the performance of all of your campaigns overall – and dare we say your overall marketing strategy on mobile. It’s about transparency. It’s about 360dialog and your CRM team being in the same boat, sharing the numbers, and making sure that you get everything you expect from 360dialog. Let’s be clear, with the Global Control Group you’re measuring way more than an elusive average of the performance of your campaigns. With the Global Control Group, you are measuring how different campaigns possibly cancel one another, and preferably build upon one another.

Second, 360dialog doesn’t just deliver a software tool with services, we deliver value. In that respect the Global Control Group can allow you to set up performance-based agreements with 360dialog: pay for performance, what we measurably deliver to you.

The best time to set up your Global Control Group

The very best time to set up your Global Control Group is now. As you launch campaigns and data starts coming in, you’ll be able, thanks to the Global Control Group, to assess the overall performance of your campaigns.

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Confirm your marketing strategy on mobile is performing: start using global control groups.

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