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If you have a smartphone you are probably familiar with push notifications, those short-copied, attention-grabbing messages that pop up on your lock screen to provide you with a piece of information.

Push notifications are sent by the apps you have installed on your phone and through your phone’s operating system, and you don’t have to be actively engaged with the app in order to receive them. It is a good way for brands to capture the attention of their customers and at the same time open a direct line of communication with them building the foundation of a long-term relationship.

The first push notifications were launched by Apple in June 2009 and since then they have evolved into the following categories: WebData and Rich Push.


Push Notifications can be used from a wide range of industries such as media, retail, travel, hospitality, finance and more, and in various use cases like the following:

  • Promotion of selected products or services, special offers and sales
  • Sports, news, weather or traffic updates
  • Flight check-ins, confirmation of bookings, changes in the travelling schedule
  • Transactional confirmations, receipts, warnings to avoid expensive overdrafts
  • Onboarding new users, luring the inactive ones and engage with all of them


Destructive by their nature, Push Notifications can easily be annoying for your app users if they are not used wisely.

Below are a few things to consider before you press the push button:

  • Does your push notification provide value and convenience to your user?
  • Is your content appealing enough to capture user’s attention and encourage him to action?

And most importantly:

  • do you address the right type of user with the right kind of message at the most appropriate time?


Push Notifications are a very powerful and immediate tool with twice as high click rates when compared to traditional communication services. However, it can easily turn against you if you don’t integrate it in a carefully designed marketing strategy.

360dialog has the knowledge and experience to help you make the most out of push messaging and convert your app users into loyal customers!

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