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Back to the basics: re-establishing the dialogue between brands and consumers.

Nowadays brands are struggling to keep up with the pace of digital transformation and invest too much money and effort in the search of the next breakthrough product or service that could potentially increase their revenue growth and take the lead over competitors. While the need for innovation and progress is undeniable, the pressure for companies that wish to remain in the game is huge and can often be misleading, shifting the focus from the customer to the product and thus neglecting fundamental truths of communication and marketing.

One of our main visions in 360 is to humanize technology and reestablish the immediate dialogue between companies and people, to make marketing again customer-centric and personal. The key to that is simple. It´s what we call “Realtime Customer Interactions” and can be seamlessly achieved through our cutting-edge platform across any communication channel in less than 200ms.

Taking Real-time Marketing to the next level: Introducing “Realtime Customer Interactions”.

Real-time Marketing is about connecting with your customers with highly personalized and relevant content at the micro-moment that they are ready to engage. We are taking this approach to the next level unifying the power of data silos and machine learning to anticipate your customers’ needs, trigger the next best action- offer and serve them in real time.

What is it exactly?

Modern consumers are hyper-connected through their mobile phone and other smart devices leaving lakes of unexploited data behind them. We help you capture all of this valuable information to gain a deeper understanding of your customers and establish a single identity for each of them. Based on this insight and leveraging machine learning and in line analytics we enable you to execute personalized multichannel journeys but more importantly to make real-time decisions and deliver the best possible solution.

Why should you care?

According to Gartner Research, 89% of marketers expect customer experience management to be their primary differentiator. There is no doubt that customer experience is the new battleground and brands able to deliver unique user experiences and excellent customer care will be the winners.

Our RCI Solution: Realtime Callreason, Channel Switch, and Courtesy Callback.

Our “Realtime Customer Interactions” solution can be your answer to this pressing topic especially if your business is operating in the E-commerce, Insurance or Energy sector and if you are dealing with high volumes of inbound and outbound calls and thus with risks for impatient customers’ turn over and dissatisfaction.

We offer you 3 uses cases of Realtime Customer Interactions, the “Realtime Call Reason”, the “Courtesy Callback” and the “Channel Switch”, all of each can save you money and effort while providing a customer service experience that lives up to modern expectations for personalization, relevance, speed, and convenience.

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