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Nowadays as more people have the ability to travel with low cost at their favorite destinations, vacationing is not considered a luxury anymore but a necessity. Especially for millennials, who aspire to be unique and place high emphasis on collecting diverse cultural experiences, traveling has become a top priority and their new obsession.

Thus, mobile travel booking apps are booming, and the competition between brands for acquiring new users and engaging with their audience is hard.

In such a crowded industry, push notifications can be an effective tool for mobile marketers who wish their offer to stand out. From helping travelers choose destination and plan their holidays to planting the seeds of their next trip, push notifications can seamlessly guide users towards the end of the conversion funnel.

Below we have gathered for you a few examples of uses cases to draw inspiration on how you can leverage successfully push notifications into your travel app:

1. Send personalized offers and special discounts based on your user´s travel preferences:

Taking into consideration your user´s travel history or browsing habits you can send him a personalized offer through a push message. For example, if a user has recently checked for flight tickets to Paris but has not proceed to a purchase within your app, you can lure him sending a push notification with the latest cheap flights for that destination or offer him a special discount.

Who doesn’t want to receive news about special offers on his favorite products and services? Be your customer´s hero and the one who delivers the good news.

2. Send useful and relevant content providing value to your user and promote other services of your app:

Your interaction with your user should not end the moment the flight was booked. You may still communicate with him during the days leading to his trip with push notifications containing links to useful articles about traveling tips, best hotels or most popular sight-seeings of the place he is going to visit.

Creating value for your users after their purchase can be an important differentiator for your travel app and at the same time an effective way to sell more of your app services like rental car deals, hotel bookings etc.

3. Send important announcements and updates regarding the details of your user´s trip and improve his travel experience:

Push notifications are the best channel to share time sensitive and important information with your user like flight alerts, check-ins, seats upgrades, changes in the departure time, and more. Your traveler is on vacation and needs to relax while being sure that you are going to take care of all the details and inform him for any important change on his trip schedule.

Moreover, you may simply engage with your user through a personal and friendly message wishing him a nice trip or giving him a warm welcome the moment he arrives at his destination.

Travel apps can use push notifications in plenty more ways.

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