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Are you mobile – ready for this Christmas?

According to Adobe Digital Insights, holiday sales for the months of November and December 2016 grew eight times faster online than in stores. Additionally, consumers used their mobile devices to shop more than ever before. With the move to mobile shopping being inevitable nowadays and Christmas just around the corner, the question is how mobile-ready you are for the busiest festive season of the year.

Below, we have gathered for you a few mobile marketing tips to make sure your products -services end up underneath the consumer´s Christmas tree!

1. Send personalized Christmas Offers through email, SMS or mobile coupons and increase customers’ loyalty.

Christmas season provides great opportunities for customer engagement. Reward your most loyal customers with a special discount on their favorite products- services or a free Christmas delivery. Given the fact that more than half of online holiday shoppers purchase an item recommended directly from a retailer, look at your customer´s seasonal behavior and send targeted Christmas promotions.

2. Mobile – optimize your website and smooth your users’ experience using web push notifications and deep linking.

Competitive Christmas offers and low shipping costs that suggested above will not mean anything if your customer endures a poor user experience on your website. – whether that is on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. According to Google statistics, 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing, while 40% visit a competitor’s site instead. Be sure your website is mobile ready, create an obvious Christmas section and give your customers simple options with web push notifications, and create clean paths towards your Christmas gifts through smart deep linking.

3. Create consistent and accessible mobile content to distribute in social media messenger apps.

Customer experience has become a new basis of brand competition and a critical factor of success as modern consumers have rising expectations from the brands they love for velocity, convenience and meaningful communication. Make sure your content this Christmas is timely, relevant, entertaining and helpful to guide your customers throughout the holiday season and relieve them from the stress of finding the perfect gift for their beloved ones. Then share your content through social media messenger apps as they are your best chance to achieve message amplification especially the last week before Christmas.

4. Launch your own Christmas- chatbot to help your customer find the perfect gift.

Finding the perfect Christmas gift for our family and friends can sometimes be quite a challenge that´s why popular brands like LEGO, Asos, and Marks & Spencer have already launched their own gifting bots. Gift guides are particularly well-suited for bots because retailers can only publish so many generic gift guides with broad recommendations, but a bot can narrow down a list of options and provide a more targeted offer by asking a series of questions about gender, budget, age or personality type.

It´s never too late to improve your Christmas marketing strategy.
Contact one of our mobile experts now to help you bring your holiday campaign into a better shape and why not plant together the seeds for the next one!