Gerrit Rode

I already discussed the effectiveness of onboarding overlays in a previous blog post. Yet there is more to onboarding than overlays!

Today, I would like to talk about another approach to user onboarding which goes beyond the simple use of overlays.

The challenge

With one of our clients we set up a dialog chain for the first 5 days after installation. In detail, the first setup included a notification on day 1, day 3 and day 5 where we explicitly focused on promoting the top features of the app.

The results

The response from new users was unequivocally positive: the users seemed very keen to learn more about the features as the quick raise in click rates (up to 20%) documented. Even with no time optimization (the importance of which we have discussed in a previous post) we saw a retention rate increase of +100% within a few days.

As the testing period of a push message based on-boarding is still running we will be more than happy to share further insights with one of our next blog posts.

The take-away lesson

The take-away lesson of this challenge was: think onboarding beyond the ‘standard’ overlay onboarding! We have seen that the initial on-boarding overlay can be successfully complemented by push messages to let your users know more about all your unique features and love your app even more.