360dialog Team

We live in a mobile world and SMS marketing is the most effective way for enterprises to promote their services. As millions of mobile phones are sold every year, text messaging remains the most popular form of communication easily accessible by all age groups of consumers and through all phone devices.

With an open rate at 98% SMS heads and shoulders above any other communication method in terms of read rate and as the New York Times claims “it is the closest thing in the information – overloaded digital marketing world to a guaranteed read”.

To highlight the value of SMS as a marketing tool we would like to share with you the results of Ovum’s Enterprise Messaging Survey 2017 conducted in a sample of 100 companies coming from the business/professional services, media/internet, retail/wholesale, travel and hospitality, and manufacturing sectors in seven countries: Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, the UK and the US.

According to Ovum’s survey while enterprises are faced with plethora of choices when it comes to outbound and inbound communications SMS remains an important engagement channel between them and their customers.

The fact that SMS is a universally available service on mobile devices, with global reach and interoperability, makes it attractive to enterprises seeking a simple, low-cost and reliable way to realize multiple transactional and promotional use cases within their business such as appointment reminders, two-factor authentication, text donations, advertising and marketing, text-to- win and mobile vouchers.

The survey results also suggest that a higher proportion of organizations now enable their customers to send SMS replies, for example to reschedule an appointment or to have an SMS-based conversation with a contact-center agent.

In conclusion, the possibilities business SMS messaging provides enable endless opportunities to power mobile engagement connecting enterprises with their audiences and 360Dialog specializes exactly in that. We provide you with the best tech solutions so you can reach millions of your clients and keep them engaged with your products on a daily basis.

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