Gerrit Rode

We would like to introduce today a few user cases and the relevant data concerning the delivery of segment-based push messages. In the examples that we are going to provide we will present how a successful segmentation can positively affect the performance of a push message campaign or of an on-going customer dialogue.

For a big German News App we have targeted segments based on the click behavior (minimum 5 item views in the last 7 days) created in the categories and sent to the segments “Breaking News” for the respective categories. 20% of users were arbitrarily selected as control group and they were sent the same category-specific messages. The results were very clear from the start in favor of the use of such category segment. The click-through rate on the push messages were uplifted up to 70% and the number of views resulting from the push message went up to 180%.

Product Category Segment

For a large German Classifieds Ads App we have shipped push messages (special offers) to so-called Product Category Channel subscribers. In the app menu users could click the product category they were interested in. Again, we selected a random control group. In this case we achieved impressive results as the click-through rate on the push message was up to 110% higher than in the control group and the click-out rate, i.e. users who accepted to be linked to online shop offering was 200% higher.

Heavy User Segments

In one of my previous posts I have already presented the Review-Dialogue. Again we defined an ad-hoc segment, namely that of so-called heavy users (at least 10 sessions in the last 4 weeks). We have experienced in other projects that the willingness to deliver a positive review is significantly higher among heavy users. The control group amounted this time only to 5% of the total users, since this kind of dialogue is highly sensitive, much more than the “breaking news” or “special offer” kind of dialogue.

From these results we can safely conclude that the definition of specific segments and the use of target-dialogue is a winning strategy and it will improve significantly the success of your campaigns.