360dialog Team

Every time we implement our CRM platform for a client, we learn something new or we get new information about what works for users. It is a never ending learning process, really. And we do love reporting on it.

Today we are reporting here on an insight we gained recently. For an e-commerce app we have tested the efficacy of push messages to users who had been inactive for some time. As usual, in order to monitor and measure closely our results, we set up a control group of users, to whom we sent no message.

The 5 day gap

The users we picked had not been active for 5 days. No app open, nada. In order to bring them back to the app we sent a push message to invite them to come back.

After a simple push message we could measure the following improvements in the engagement:

  • The average open rate increased up to 18 times compared to the rate of the control group
  • The length of the average session increased 13 times as compared to the control group

The snowball effect

While the results above are truly positive – we have seen time and again how a timely communication can make a difference – what surprised us was the positive ‘collateral effect’ that our push message triggered.

They were massive: after receiving this one message, users not only re-opened their app once. They opened it several times, browsed different products, saved them for later review or bought them on the spot. In short, they rekindled their love for the app.

Cue the power of relevant and timely communication. We deem this an an all-around success!