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Despite spending nearly every waking minute with our smartphones, there is still another screen that we can’t forget about.

The desktop. Although mobile is still dominating with over 51% of time spent on smartphones, desktop is not far behind at 42% of media time.

Brands looking to engage with customers on the web have a hard time cutting through the noise and making a good impression with valuable customers.

We are all familiar with the struggles of standing out in our customers’ email inbox. Do people even read emails anymore? As a marketer, you are well aware of dwindling email open and click through rates. Email is still an effective channel, but why not leverage all channels?

So where else can we captivate our customers? Social media? Facebook and Linkedin? For a brand to actually be heard on social is even tougher – Facebook posts see an average CTR of 1%. That’s brutal. And before you know it, Mr. Zuckerberg will just change the newsfeed algorithm and your latest social strategy will be out the window.

Feeling the stress? What can you do, right now?

You’re a brand with an awesome website, it’s designed for mobile. You are smart so you know a lot about Push Notifications and how effective they are for improving retention, user engagement, revenue on mobile.

But wait, there’s something else. Haaaave you met web push?

With web push you can reach almost 100% of your customers. Chrome, Firefox and Safari already support web push notifications. In just a few minutes, you can create a powerful opt-in channel.



Notifications are throttled to max 1 per minute

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Let’s take a look.

Web push is engaging and powerful – you can reach users when they aren’t even on your website. Just like a push notification on mobile, you can alert customers of important sales, offers, updates when they are looking at cat videos on Facebook (or any other website). And similar to push notifications, web push has positive effects retaining your desktop users.

And it gets even better – web push is available on mobile. It works in Chrome, on Android. This means with push notifications, you don’t need a native app to start engaging with your web users.

(We’ll just let that sink in. )

So with web push, you can still talk to your customers on mobile, without an app. On Chrome, we have seen 40% CTR (click-through rates_ for web push notifications. With just a simple JavaScript library in your website, you can talk to a whole customer base that was previously unreachable.

Be ahead of the game in your customer communications with this new messaging channel. As a marketer, you should be as excited as we are about this unique channel that is still not too crowded and overused. The 360dialog is a lifecycle marketing automation platform to help you to manage push and in-app messaging, web push notifications and more. It is a complete messaging solution that uses a real-time rule engine. Reach and address customers across multiple channels, including web push, and start driving user engagement right away.


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