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Web Push Notifications are clickable messages that pop up on your desktop or mobile screen and encourage you to take action on something. They work very similarly to mobile push notifications with the main difference that Web Push Notifications are sent by websites instead of mobile apps and are accessible on all devices i.e browsers on desktop, mobile, tablets etc.

What makes them distinguish even more is their increased visibility, since Web Push Notifications appear on a user’s screen even when they are not actively using a website.


Popular industries already benefit from the implementation of Web Push Notifications in various cases like the following:

Promotion of new products and special offers

E-commerce and Retail companies are commonly using Web Push Notifications to promote their sales and time-sensitive offers or announce their new products.

Distribution of breaking news

Media and Publishing Houses make also high usage of Web Push Notifications to deliver immediately breaking news or send other time-bound announcements to their readers.

Information on training courses and learning materials

Educational and Training websites sent out Web Push notifications to inform their subscribers on new courses or learning materials.


Below are the top 3 benefits of Web Push Notifications:

Easy Implementation

You only need to integrate a Javascript and with the 360dialog UI you can instantly start setting up and sending out your Web Push Notifications.

High Conversion Rates

Despite being a relatively new communication channel studies are already showing that Web Push Notifications can achieve high conversion rates.

Broad Audience

Your prospects and customers use various devices and screens along their day. With Web Push Notifications you can engage with them on all devices even when they are not actively using your website.

With great power comes great responsibility

Web Push Notifications can be very effective under the condition you use them wisely.

360dialog platform supports segmentation, automation, personalization and A/B Testing, and provides you with all the necessary tools to make the most of this powerful communication channel.


Let´s explore together the endless Pushibilities!