Mobile is more than apps, conversation is more than messaging.

The Conversation Hub

Connect with your customers in their most preferred context: our platform natively supports messaging to apps, browsers, messengers, and connected IoT devices. Furthermore, with our best-of-breed partner solution we enable your conversations in any other channel of your choice.


Multi-channel messaging

Media landscape today is more than ever fragmented: don´t miss the opportunity to engage with your customers across all the existing channels and formats delivering consistent mobile experiences.

Push notifications

Engage with app users in the most effective way, outside of your app.

In-app messaging

Communicate with your users and personalize their experience in your app.

Web push

Reach web users directly in the browser, even if they are not on your website.


Find and re-engage lapsed users through social media and mobile advertising.


Deliver your communication within the most popular messenger apps.


Connect with every mobile client possible, without the restrictions of internet and apps.

“360dialog’s realtime orchestration platform for mobile messaging fits perfectly in our best-of-breed approach working and partnering with the strongest solutions in each discipline. 360dialog is one of those leaders we want to deepen our relationship globally to deliver the best MarTec solutions to our enterprise customers.”

Lindsay McEwan

VP & Managing Director, EMEA, Tealium


Platform features for advanced Lifecycle Marketing

Building on a 6 year+ DNA in Marketing Automation, MessagePipe is the Berlin based Verified Channel Partner for the official WhatsApp Business API. Connecting both MessagePipe products is a complete plug and play toolbox that empowers a vast number of possible use cases on the official WhatsApp API.

Multi-Channel & Multi-Step

Set up even the most complex campaigns combining traditional and emerging communication channels and interact with your customers across the entire funnel.

Open Platform & Integration

We offer customizable software to address your specific needs. Bespoke is our sweet-spot. Nobody beats our depth of expertise.

Realtime Decisions

Send out real-time triggers to deliver the right message to your customers at the right time, no matter where they are in their individual journey.

Let's get your mobile marketing stack in shape!